Start With No

Start With No

For those who give too much—a new plan for dating.*SWN_PrintCover_socialmedia*png?alt=media&token=f01b5e54-f6c6-4e68-b83c-5359658bca61

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Filter out 98% (or more) of users, abusers, liars, and jerks.

Yes, you read that right! In today's world of swipe rights and swipe lefts, the old ways of dating don't work anymore (if they ever did).

Picture this: you're swiping and chatting and doing coffee meets and drinks. Just when you think you've found a diamond in the rough, you realize they're just another Pickup Artist (PUA) in disguise. UGH!

There is hope, though. With "Start With No," you'll learn to spot the red flags from a mile away and filter out those sneaky manipulators with ease.

Discover the power of saying no early and saying no often. From personal information to sexy talk, there are SO MANY ways to say no and protect your heart in the process.

Meet the cast of unsavory characters you're bound to encounter in the dating world. From "I can't take no for an answer" to "Well, farkle you, you nasty canker blossom!"—each personality type comes with its own chracteristics you'll be thrilled to filter out of your life.

Of course no dating strategy is foolproof. But "Start With No" isn't about finding the perfect formula—it's about empowering you to take control of your dating journey and set boundaries that honor your worth.

On the other side... And hey, guess what? Saying no isn't just about protecting yourself—it's also about opening yourself up to the possibility of something real and meaningful. So embrace the journey, embrace the no's, and get ready to level up your dating game like never before.

Whether you're swiping left, right, or somewhere in between, "Start With No" is your ultimate guide to dating with confidence, clarity, and a whole lot of sass. It's time to rewrite the rules and start saying yes to the love—and the life—you truly deserve!