Small Business Saturday Deals!

Ending 11/30/23

Running a small business is a lot of work. I put my heart and soul and passion into the education and products we offer you, and I try to price things fairly. 

I also know that no matter how fair I try to be, that some of you can't always afford what you want, especially in this economy. Heck, we are all feeling the pinch!

So, for Small Business Saturday, Im sharing with you some special offers and deals. I hope to help you get more of what you want in life (and less of what you don't), and help me grow my business and keep producing quality books, workshops, apps, and coaching. 

Dating Kinky LIbrary — ONE FULL YEAR

With over 500 hours of educational webinars and nine books, Dating Kinky has you covered on learning everything you need to know! 

From how to write your best profile, to how to navigate an M/s power exchange! We even have information on impact play, rope, FLR, and much more.

You don't need to be looking for a partner for this library to benefit you, with video AND audio for each replay, you can watch anytime, and even listen while you're commuting or getting errands done.

More than 50% off the regular discounted yearly price!


Femdom Friday
Sensuality, Sex & Orgasms
My Power, Your Power
Your Best-Ever Kinky Profile Workshop
Cuck You
Knotty Time
The Dating & Love Event
It's All About Play!
More Than Yes or No
Presented by Nookie
It's Not Cheating
Makes a great gift, too! Buy yourself a year, and get additional years for friend at only $20 each! 
Special price valid through November 30, 2023, then it goes up to $45 through December 31.*tns_site_header*png?alt=media&token=a2869823-9793-489c-8787-a4adc0e64ed1

The Workshop Starts Jan 1

Make 2024 your year!

Take No Sh*t, The Workshop is designed to help you create a life (and love) beyond your wildest imagination. 
Become your most authentic self! 
Build a life of passion!
Live your priorities! 
Create a deep, intimate love!
Be the person people LOVE to be around!
And more...

We will start on Monday, January 1, 2024 with a new updated version of the workshop!

Normally $197. 


With this deal you also get: One 30-minute one-on-one consultation with Nookie (valid any time in 2024), a copy of Take No Sh*t, the book, and lifetime access to this workshop. 
Give the Gift of Boundaries! Buy one workshop at $50, get additional workshops for only $30! Share with your partner, with your friends, with family! Details will be emailed or texted to you. 
Special price valid through November 30, 2023, then it goes up to $75($50) through December 31.

One-On-One Coaching

Anxiety? Kink? Nonmonogamy? Love? Neurospicy Dating? 

I coach for that!

I started offering coaching about 6 months ago, and since then, here are a few testimonials I've received: 
"I remembered what you taught me and reminded myself that my partner loves me, cares about my feelings and would never intentionally cause me harm. I was able to redirect my mind to how he and I could team up to tackle the feelings that had come up for me and turn it into deeper, more fulfilling intimacy for both of us. By the end of the day I wanted to celebrate because even on that No-Good, Awful, Messed-up day, I still felt genuinely grateful to be alive.
And for me, that's kind of a big deal.
And we did that. I'm proud of that work.
And I think you have a right to be proud too."*divider_black4*png?alt=media&token=f11c3498-9f0d-4feb-9395-b9555f23fbe8
"My self-confidence has gone up and I can now talk about topics that would've left me petrified and unable to speak before! I'd continued seeing my therapist on a lower frequency during the coaching, but when I reported back, my therapist was literally like: 'Holy crap! You've made a lot of progress in a short amount of time.'"*divider_black4*png?alt=media&token=f11c3498-9f0d-4feb-9395-b9555f23fbe8
"We were having so many challenges with our forays into nonmonogamy. Honestly, I was about to give it all up. It just hurt so much! Thankfully, we found Heather  through one of her posts, and decided to take a chance. 
Life is very different for us now. 
Not only have we figured out some of what we were doing wrong (I'm sure their is more...), but we are more deeply in love than ever and we are seeing other people, having hott play together and seperately, and we are actually excited about the future and attending our first sex party!"*divider_black4*png?alt=media&token=f11c3498-9f0d-4feb-9395-b9555f23fbe8
"I went through a pretty traumatic, abusive breakup of a long-term polyamorous relationship. I reached out to Nookie to assist in navigating next steps with an open mind and perspective while honoring my own needs and boundaries. Nookie was such a kind soul through the whole experience. She understood and respected how emotionally charged I was and in the moment that was everything I needed.

Nookie is a gem to our community. I would absolutely recommend working with Nookie wether that be through a situation like I had or continued sessions of self-improvement. I have seen her assist countless individuals wanting to take that next step of growth and self-improvement. Many (maybe most?) of us are living lives that deserve so much more and that truly starts with knowing our worth and then practicing it through boundary assertion. Nookie is a pioneer in helping us all tap into our fullest potential."*divider_black4*png?alt=media&token=f11c3498-9f0d-4feb-9395-b9555f23fbe8
"My wife and I had talked about cuckolding/hotwifing, but we were stuck. I reached out to you on my own, desperate, then three months later, my wife joined the sessions with us. We had our first experience last week, and we are over-the-moon! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I  - WE - really can't thank you enough!"*divider_black4*png?alt=media&token=f11c3498-9f0d-4feb-9395-b9555f23fbe8
I absolutely LOVE working with people and seeing fast change, so I've opened up a few slots in my schedule specifically for people who are ready to commit to building a better life for themselves.

I'm committing more of my schedule to coaching, and I'm looking for new clients and challenges. 

My regular coaching fee is $150/hour with a 2-hour minimum, or $500/month for weekly sessions. I work with individuals and couples. When I work with couples, we usually do a joint session, then two one-on-one sessions with each partner, so it looks like this: 

Week 1: Both 
Week 2: Partner 
Week 3: Partner 2 
Week 4: Partner 1 
Week 5: Partner 2 

This special offer is for pre-paid coaching only. Buy what you need at this price. 

$75/hr - Minumum 2 hours
$250 - 5 hour package

Special prices valid through November 30, 2023, then they go up to $100/hour and $350 /5-hours through December 31, or as time slots last. New coaching clients only. 

ALWAYS FREE — Fun Boundaries Games

Healthy Boundaries Series

The Healthy Boundaries Series is designed to share real-life boundaries from people just like you, to inspire you in creating your own. *smiles*

LIVE WRITE: When (Not if) They Lie

Liar, Liar 👖ON 🔥! 

They're gonna lie.

That's not a question. The question is "What are YOU gonna do about it?"
That's the question I hope to help you answer in When (not if) They Lie: Lies and lying in relationships. Why it happens, what to do about it, and how to still live a life full of love and trust.
When (not if) They Lie: Lies and lying in relationships. Why it happens, what to do about it, and how to still live a life full of love and trust.
Join me in the LIVE Write! 
The Table of Contents (working):
  • Front Content 
  •  The Effect of (some) Lies in Relationships 
  •  Types of Liars 
  •  Five (and a half) Kinds of Lies (and More) 
  •  Why People Lie 
  •  When is it OK to Lie? 
  •  Handling Lies in Your Relationships 
  •  Can You Stop Lying? 
  •  End Content 
I loved writing Take No Sh*t! In front of an audience. Having discussions daily, learning from your experiences, answering your questions, and getting feedback on where I wasn't clear was invaluable.
I'm doing the same thing now with my other book projects.

This time, I'm just asking ONE favor:
When the book is out in digital format on Amazon, that you buy it for 99¢ and give it an honest review.

That's it.

Less than a dollar (or slightly more, if Amazon charges sales tax in your state) for access to the book as it's being written, for a chance to ask your questions and get them answered, and more.

(This book will likely retail for about $2.99.)

So, if you're willing to commit to purchasing from Amazon and reviewing when I release it, click the link below and join me for the Live Write of When (not if) They Lie: Lies and lying in relationships. Why it happens, what to do about it, and how to still live a life full of love and trust.