People Pleaser No More PDF Download

People Pleaser No More

Reclaim Your Life And Relationships By Putting Yourself First—Without Guilt!*cn_thanks_youregrate*png?alt=media&token=3549884b-68f1-4acd-a064-b864b4e1e734

Thank you for choosing to purchase your copy of People Pleaser No More direct from me! That's super awesome, because I don't have to give up 70% (!!) of the cost to someone else to deliver it to you. 


And thank you for your faith in me. I believe you will LOVE People Pleaser No More. I've written it to give you a deeper understanding of your people pleasing habits and set you on the path to ending them. 

Download your files below. 

The PDF is formatted in a 5x7.8" format, just like the printed book version.