Let's Make A Bestseller!
Take No Sh*t will be listed on Amazon at retail of $9.99 for the first 90 days. After that, it may go up, based on the print costs—digital will be 50% of the print costs after that first 90 days.

My goal is to create a bestseller, and I hope you'll help me!

here's the deal:

FIRST, I need to get 15 or so reviews from people who have purchased the book at the full retail price. And hopefully those are good reviews, or I'm dead in the water, LOL! 

NEXT, I'll put the book on sale for 99¢ and promote the shizzle out of it, trying to push it higher and higher in the charts until I make bestseller status. 

THEN, I'll promote the fudgerooni out of my bestseller! 😁 

Willing to help? Here's How:

Willing to help? Here's how!

If you are willing to buy my book at $9.99 (knowing that it will be 1/10th that price in the near future) and review it to show your support, please do!

When I start sharing the date for the 99¢ sale, PLEASE share that information with everyone you know.



Kinky people, non-kinky people, on Fet, Facebook, YouTube, Insta, at the coffee shop, with your primary care physician...


Prepare them to buy on that day, so we get enough people and momentum to create a bestseller.

And by creating a bestseller, I hope to also create a world where more people know and understand good boundaries. For all of us.

And then, whether you got the book for $9.99 or 99¢ OR you just spread the word, keep an eye out for the full-color print version (you'll get a discount if you already have a copy) to buy and highlight and share with friends and show off on your coffee table.


Not too much to ask, right? 💜