Fight Less, Love More

Fight Less, Love More

Simple steps to transform tension into togetherness. 

Fight Less, Love More: Simple steps to transform tension into togetherness.
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Where did it go?

You fell head over heels in love with THE most wonderful person in the world, your soul mate, your twin flame, the one who hangs your sun moon and stars forever and always. You revel in the sweet nothings of early romance, thrill at the way your heart flutters when you see their name on your phone, and you just know that this is the real deal.

Nothing ever felt so good! You’re still in love, BUT ALL THE FIGHTING is too much and you’re questioning your choices.

Please let me introduce to you, the opposite of rose-colored glasses: sh*t-colored spray paint.

With Fight Less, Love More you’ll gain a deeper understanding of fighting and why it sucks, learn the importance importance of self-awareness in resolving conflicts. explore power dynamics in relationships, understand how you and your partner communicate differently, gain practical strategies for managing conflicts find a healthy balance between intimacy and independence in your relationship.