Your Boundaries Journey!

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Tell me about a relationship experience that made you realize that you needed better boundaries. What happened? How did it make you feel? Did you know right then that you wanted a change, or did it take a while to really sink in 

What is one boundary that you've recently set? What made you decide to set that boundary? Have you had to enforce that boundary with others yet? How are you feeling about your progress?  

What does a life of healthy boundaries look like to you? If you've built strong boundaries for yourself, please share the positive effects on your life. If you want to build stronger boundaries, or you're working on it, please tell me what you're looking forward to!  

How would you describe your boundaries now? Where are you in your journey? Would you say that you are struggling, and you definitely need better boundaries? That you're working on building stronger boundaries for yourself? Or that you are living the benefits of healthy boundaries?